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Ariana in mer-form by HopesDestiny Ariana in mer-form :iconhopesdestiny:HopesDestiny 15 22
Secrets of the dragon shifters prologue part one
She stared, wide-eyed, as the large chunk of ice soared through the air aiming directly at her.
Her life flushed before her eyes.
The birth of her three pups.
The clothing to her lover that he was hers and only hers.
Him willingness, eagerly excepting it without a second hesitation.
Confessing their undying love for each other.
The day they first mated and she marked him as hers.
Keeping the pups a secret from the rest of his village.
The surprise on Stoick the Vast's face when he discovered the pups.
The grant celebration that has commenced the following night after the pups have been announced to the village.
She would no longer able to create more happy memories with her family, no longer would she be able to see the groggy face of her mate in the morning, hear his startled yelp as their pups tackled him, no longer able to watch as he created little toys for them to play with, and worst of all she would never see her mother, her pups, or her mate again.
'Maybe the Valkyries will hav
:iconhopesdestiny:HopesDestiny 1 0
Secrets of the Dragon shifters
"Wow, an innocent beauty," The little scrawny Viking breathed.
"Wugu, tianzhen di mei? Nandao zhe jiushi liang tiao tui gei wo da dianhua?" The innocent beauty spoke, surprising Hiccup. (Translation: "Innocent, innocent beauty? Is that what the two legs call me?")
Since when could dragon speak!?
When Hiccup journeys into the forest to find the night fury he shot down, he's in for a real big surprise for what he finds alongside the dragon.
He only gives a mere glimpse, but he is convinced the dragon is not alone.
Who is this mysterious figure and why are they on Berk?
Could the mysterious purple feather Hiccup found lead to this mysterious creature's possible identity?
What happens when he does find the dragon again, but he also finds another dragon that the feather belongs to?
Not to mention this dragon who just so happens to be female and speaks in a foreign language is not alone either.
But, where are all her companions and what happened to them?
I do not know how to train your Drago
:iconhopesdestiny:HopesDestiny 0 1
Betrayal of a mate by HopesDestiny Betrayal of a mate :iconhopesdestiny:HopesDestiny 1 0
Descendent of the creator
"Is it truly even remotely possible for one to rewrite the destiny?" The young human questioned her robotic companion, tears glistening in her large, alabaster eyes.
"Isn't there a human saying about this?" The mega bird responded, unsure how to respond to the human femme's tears.
"We have to get going," A graph, familiar voice reached the mega bird's audio receptors. It had also gained the organic femme's attention, as well.
The human's expression was that of relief, before she stiffly nod her head and said the bot's name, her voice as soft as silk and as musical as a harp, ocarina, and flute.
Once, long ago, when the ancient civilization of Atlantis was around, one of their scientist, Keaka Maquoketa, created an entire race of sentient machines.
Three of them.
One of these races,
Another of the races were called beast machines, the most notable would be the mega birds, who were given the task with the protection of their Creator and her descendants, as well with the task
:iconhopesdestiny:HopesDestiny 0 1
Hikaru The big sister of Ariana by HopesDestiny Hikaru The big sister of Ariana :iconhopesdestiny:HopesDestiny 3 0 Mina the chi ling by HopesDestiny Mina the chi ling :iconhopesdestiny:HopesDestiny 3 13 Yuna Jordan and her cat Anna by HopesDestiny Yuna Jordan and her cat Anna :iconhopesdestiny:HopesDestiny 1 2


Verloren Legendary-Ranisse SHINY by Faith-Wolff Verloren Legendary-Ranisse SHINY :iconfaith-wolff:Faith-Wolff 21 10 Verloren Legendary-Ranisse by Faith-Wolff Verloren Legendary-Ranisse :iconfaith-wolff:Faith-Wolff 40 34 Soareon (Female) - Flying Fakemon Eeveelution by Faith-Wolff Soareon (Female) - Flying Fakemon Eeveelution :iconfaith-wolff:Faith-Wolff 40 11 Toxicity's Fashion Lines 2-Legendary Masquerade by Faith-Wolff Toxicity's Fashion Lines 2-Legendary Masquerade :iconfaith-wolff:Faith-Wolff 42 16 Contest Eevee Height Chart by Faith-Wolff Contest Eevee Height Chart :iconfaith-wolff:Faith-Wolff 55 13 Celebi used Leaf Storm! by Faith-Wolff Celebi used Leaf Storm! :iconfaith-wolff:Faith-Wolff 281 18 An Angel's Proposal by Faith-Wolff An Angel's Proposal :iconfaith-wolff:Faith-Wolff 5 38 Shit, Val went God Tier! by Faith-Wolff Shit, Val went God Tier! :iconfaith-wolff:Faith-Wolff 10 17 Ratatoesk by daniellieske Ratatoesk :icondaniellieske:daniellieske 2,150 130 Polilla's Wings (Back/Top) by Faith-Wolff Polilla's Wings (Back/Top) :iconfaith-wolff:Faith-Wolff 3 0 Polilla the Moth by Faith-Wolff Polilla the Moth :iconfaith-wolff:Faith-Wolff 7 4 We are the Crystal Gems by Faith-Wolff We are the Crystal Gems :iconfaith-wolff:Faith-Wolff 146 24 Emmy x Cobalt-First Fusion Attempt Part Deux by Faith-Wolff Emmy x Cobalt-First Fusion Attempt Part Deux :iconfaith-wolff:Faith-Wolff 202 42 Beachsona: Cheyenne by Faith-Wolff Beachsona: Cheyenne :iconfaith-wolff:Faith-Wolff 490 73 Queen Maui by Faith-Wolff Queen Maui :iconfaith-wolff:Faith-Wolff 260 49 Eno by Faith-Wolff Eno :iconfaith-wolff:Faith-Wolff 149 59


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I'm a fun-loving girl who absolutely adores animals! I live in a small quiet neighborhood it's quite peaceful here we do have our share of criminal crime but not much compared to cities! My absolute favorite land animal would have to be wolves I absolutely despise the way that they are being hunted just because the wild! We domesticated dogs from flipping wolves for Christ sakes!


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